Put your skills to the test on our new Ninja Obstacle Course!!

A wide diversity of obstacle elements will challenge ninjas of all sizes and ages to test their agility, endurance, strength, speed and coordination. The level of difficulty can easily be altered either by simplifying or complicating the course by adding easier or more difficult elements. 

Race against the clock!
A timer system challenges your customers to get a personal record or compete with other ninjas to set the highest score of the day, week or month. This makes people want to come back to maintain or improve their scores. Also, announce the results on your social media platforms and challenge other customers to improve the scores. 

Kids Ninja Course
In our new Kids Ninja Courses also children can now climb like a Ninja! The challenging kids courses consist of several obstacles, all based on the Ninja Warrior Courses. A regular Ninja Course is quite difficult for children and requires a lot of strength. Our unique Kids Ninja Courses are a child-friendly alternative, but still challenging enough. They are also suitable for other ages en perfect for training!

Interchangeable and renewable
It is important to maintain the course appealing. Due to the truss system, it is easy to interchange or add new elements. Keep your customers surprised!

3D designs
Our main focus lies on customization. In order to guarantee your customers the ultimate experience, we will sit down with you and together we visualize your own, unique and distinctive Ninja Course.

Feel free to contact us for more information. We can send you our digital brochure to get inspired by a selection of our Ninja Course elements. Do you want to add other elements? Please let us know and we can design these for you. Moreover, colours and sizes are all adjustable to your wishes!

Why Sidijk Ninja Obstacle Course?

  • 40 years of experience
  • Customization to create a unique experience
  • High quality materials
  • Safety
  • International and experienced installation team
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