About us.

Sidijk, since 1978

With 40 years of experience, we are your partner in the field of trampoline parks. As an official supplier of the Olympic Games, our roots lie in top sports. From our location in Heerenveen, The Netherlands, we design and produce trampoline parks. Our main focus point is always customization. In order to guarantee the ultimate jumping experience of your park, we will sit down with you and together we will create your own, unique and distinctive trampoline park.

Already we created and made different concepts and installed parks for customers in Austria, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Spain.


Research & Development

The parts with which we build our parks are carefully researched and tested by our R&D department. We only work with high-quality materials to ensure a long lifetime. All the foam paddings are made of a special, wear-resistant PVC-fabric. Further, we make use of custom-made springs that originate from the American trampoline parks. These are special ‘no-noise’ springs which do not make noise when jumping on the trampolines.

To get a good impression of the quality of our jumping mats, take a look at this video of our supplier Ten Cate. 

Sidijk has complete control over the level of quality and safety, as we design and produce everything under one roof, in our factory in Heerenveen. All our materials meet the strict demands of trampoline parks. We follow the guidelines of the American safety standards (ASTM).

International installation team

For the installation of our parks, we always use the same international installation team. In this way, we always keep control of the complete process, from concept to installation and we can guarantee the high quality that we are known for. Do you have a location and the ambition to start a Trampoline Park? Call or send us an email today. We would like to inform you about the possibilities.

Let’s jump together!
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