3D designs.


You as a customer, are the main focus point of the design and concept of your trampoline park. Together with your ideas, our knowledge and experience and our creative designers, we will work on your trampoline park which will exceed all your expectations. At Sidijk we use special 3D-software with which we can visualize your ideas digitally. In this way we can customize every idea and guarantee the distinctive character. Originality and distinction is what is important.

A unique concept is a guarantee for success!

Your specific concept determines your success. It is important to create a complete experience that is appealing to the target group and is continuously surprising. You need different areas with trampolines to make your park challenging and captivating. A sports area with dodgeball and basketball, a free-jump area, slacklines, a high-performance area, a ‘skillz’ area, walk-on-walls, BigAirBags and foam pits are essential parts of your trampoline park. But also consider rope ladders, a football area, boxing balls, power towers and jumping attributes which will give an extra dimension to the park. Upcoming are the spectacular Ninja Obstacle Courses. Besides that, by the use of wooden decks, it is possible to make the complete park on the same level so the real idea of a park is created. Place a DJ-booth in the park with trendy music, spray spectacular graffiti on the walls and the total experience is complete!  

In our 3D-designs we draw all the zones matching your wishes, so it will be clear how the park is going to look like.

For one of our designs we made it possible to watch it in a 360-degree viewer. Click here and watch all the elements of a Trampoline Park and a Ninja Course as if you were actually in the park! 

Let’s jump together!
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